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The BinPak® Waste Compactor: self-contained compaction bin

The BinPak® is a compact, secure and easy to use waste management solution for businesses looking to save on their waste removal costs.

Unlike vertical waste compactors that sit on top of your waste or garbage bins, the BinPak® is a self-contained unit that combines waste compaction and storage in one neat unit. Your staff simply opens the 60 cm (24 inch) fill door, load in bags of waste, and the BinPak® does the rest, compressing waste without leaks, odours or mess.


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Compressed Trash = Cost Savings

Since the BinPak® compresses all types on non-recyclable waste, it can hold up to 6 times as much trash by volume as conventional 6 yard trash bins. That means fewer waste collections (saving time and money), less waste truck interruptions and a cleaner, tidier, safer environment for your employees.

The BinPak® secure door system and no-leak construction is designed to keep waste, garbage and trash in, and unwelcome visitors such as rodents and insects out. The secure lid ensures trash cannot blow out of the bin during collection, while a special section allows accumulated liquids to drain into the waste hauler truck without mess.

For haulers, the BinPak® works just like a standard 6 yard waste bin; they simply unplug the electrics before emptying as normal.

Only the BinPak® system offers your business:

  • fewer waste pickups
  • ease of loading for staff of all ages (and heights!)
  • improved environmental scorecard
  • a secure and leak-free waste system
  • easy, one plug installation

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