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Innovations in waste management for business

  • Too much trash and nowhere to put it?
  • Looking for a cleaner, greener solution to waste disposal?
  • Want to save cash on your trash collections?

The BinPak® self-contained compaction bin makes food waste and trash disposal safer, easier and better for the environment than using conventional 6 yard waste bins, with less hassle, less risk to staff and less cost to your business.

Unlike conventional waste compactors (packers), the BinPak® is totally self-contained. Simply open the load door, load in your bags of trash, close the door and press the button. That's it. Job done.

The BinPak® trash compactor system gently compacts trash in your bin to a ratio of up to 6:1, which means you can get up to 6 times the volume of garbage and waste in your bin before it needs emptying. That's up to 6 times less waste collections, 6 times less disruption from waste collection trucks blocking your yard or parking lot, and 6 times less carbon emissions and fuel usage from waste haulers.

That's good for all of us involved in waste management; the business owner who reduces staff injury and clean up costs and pest management, the waste hauler who saves mileage and dumping charges, and the neighbours who experience less disruption from noise, smells and pests.

For more details of how BinPak® can save your business time, money and waste management hassles, call us at 1-855-953-5333.

BinPak®: Less Mess  = Less Cost

Since BinPak® is a totally self-contained waste compactor, all the waste you put into your bin, stays in the bin. Unlike standard open top waste bins, trash can't fly out in high winds or on garbage days, and pests such as rodents and insects can't get in either. Liquid created by wet waste or food waste simply drains into a leak-proof reservoir in the base, and simply drains into the garbage truck on collection, leaving no sticky, smelly residue to clean up. And since your waste is compacted up to 6 times less than its original volume, there's plenty of room inside for those extra bags of trash that normally pile up.


BinPak®: Better For Your Staff & The Environment

Discover how BinPak® scores over conventional vertical waste compactors and open tops bins:

For more details on BinPak® and our other waste management design solutions, feel free to contact us.

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